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Guitarist little-known, packs big punches with "Afterglow" and "Heavier Things"

[By:  Matthew Keys]
Hummingbird Online editor
You won't find his biography online.
Probably because Michael Chaves is a guy who likes to keep to himself, but he's had a hard time keeping his music to himself.
Chaves has appeared on major albums, some of which fall into the hands of hundreds of people around the world each day.  He's made his presence known recently on Sarah McLachlan's album, "Afterglow".
You hear Chaves on the radio, singing alongside John Mayer in "Your Body Is A Wonderland" and playing backup guitar and keyboards on McLachlan's "World On Fire".
But Chaves still reveals how he enjoys his privacy.  He's only released one studio album, "Finest Form of Flattery", which sells on Chaves' website for $8.
Chaves continues to make his presence "known".  For instance, Chaves continues to tour with Maroon 5 and buddy John Mayer.  Chaves has appeared on all but one of John Mayer's albums ["Heavier Things", "As Is, Volume 1", "Room For Squares", "Any Given Thursday"] and seems to be attached to the Mayer music mania.
Artist:  Michael Chaves
Album:  Finest Form of Flattery
Label:  [unknown]
[available at the Michael Chaves website,]

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