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REP ALERT:  The John Mayer performance on "Austin City Limits" scheduled to air on PBS stations later in September is a repeat performance from November 2003.  John performs with Buddy Guy and "Double Trouble" duo Chris Leighton and Tommy Shannon.  Correct information will be found in the Hummingbird ticker later.

Welcome to the home of Hummingbird Online!  Hummingbird features new, fresh and emerging music artists, as well as some that time may or may not have forgotten.
It's exciting to finally be online!  Help make Hummingbird your site--submit ultimate pictures, reviews of albums, and more.  Also, send feedback on what you think.  Welcome again!
Important Info:  The same organisation that brings you Hummingbird Online [World KEYSJOM Media] officially launches Skylark, which you can link to through the navvy-bar.
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[Michael Chaves:  Profiled Artist]
[Michael Chaves]

Michael Chaves keeps to himself.  That's evident in the amount of biographies you can find online about him.  While Chaves might like to keep his info to himself, his music is more than public.  Our profiled artist for this month:  Michael Chaves


["Collide" Singer Howie Day]
[Howie Day]

Howie Day is making waves--airwaves.  "Collide" is number one in the Chicago radio market for most requested song.  Members of the Howie Day rep team received a special CD this past month with four songs unreleased to the public--three being live versions of his album songs, one being an unreleased studio version.  Read "Collide" lyrics here.

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