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True Hollywood Story:  Hummingbird

[John Mayer And Paul Simon]

February 25th, 2004 might as well be the birthday for the site.
John Mayer was in Las Cruces, New Mexico and three buddies--Matthew Keys and his friends Gregg and Ian--were headed to the concert at the Pan American Center.  It was a night Matthew had been waiting for and a night that would change his online experience.
The show was filled with wonderful music--opening act by Maroon 5 lasting about half an hour, followed by John Mayer for near two hours.
John did wonders with the audience, from influencing a sea of green and blue from cell phones during his song "Daughters" to sending shivers up the spines of his adoring fans with his ecclectic hit "Your Body Is A Wonderland." 
But he played a song even Matthew wasn't expecting.  The song was called "Hummingbird"...and it began.
When Matthew bought his color cell phone, it shouldn't have been a big deal.  Really, who gets excited over a phone?  But it would ultimately lead to the obsession with Hummingbird. 
Matthew decided to rename all the profiles on the phone so they would display titles of John's songs.  The first one was "Hummingbird", the unreleased song he'd heard at the concert, and the name stuck.  Soon, Hummingbird became the phone's nickname, and things sort of took off from there.

[Matthew Keys]

Matthew had no luck with web services.  Being on a crummy computer meant limited options.  No Javascript, nothing more than a simple word processor and a service called Webmonkey.
Listening to a CD by Jamie Cullum, Matthew began to wonder why a service hadn't been offered that pushes people to look at little-known artists, or even those who had been swept to the side for a while.
Hummingbird soon became an idea in Matthew's head after speaking with Gregg, his best buddy.  The service would be different than the other ones he had previously used throughout his online life--he had created "World KEYSJOM" as the name and title for all of his sites.  But this one had to be different--no Geocities or Homestead this time.
Tripod was found, and the ideas started accumulating to where it had to be typed out on the computer.  Like a puzzle, piece by piece, Hummingbird was formed.  But Matthew had to set a deadline if this was going to become reality--no putting it off.  The launch date was set:  Friday, September 3rd, 2004.
Now, Hummingbird is online and promises to be the site that promotes the music of musicians--emerging and forgotten--so that the world can gain a better understanding and appreciation for music.  After all, music is a dying art, and it's time to revive it before it's too late.

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