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[Matthew Keys]

If it wasn't for music, I'd be lost--unable to get through my day.
Kudos to whoever played the first instrument, sang the first song, wrote the first chorus.  You started something that's continued for--golly, has it been thousands of years?
"Hummingbird" came to me as an idea while talking to a friend of mine.  He told me I should do something "completely different" and something out of the norm.  What constitutes as out of the norm?
Music, definitely can be something that's not normal at times.  Screeching electric guitars, wild digital synthesizers--call it noise, but it's music to someone's ears.
But if it wasn't for music, I honestly would be bored with life right about now.
So many underdogs to the music world have such great musical abilities.  People like John Mayer and Jamie Cullum have so much to offer the music world and have true passion.  Too many artists these days are money-hungry and feel the need to "work" in the studio.  How can you call music "work"?  Just because you get paid to do it?  That's not how a true musician looks at it.  It's time for those who are, like John and Jamie, to get promoted more than the tiny display at the music store.
And what about so many great artists who have contributed so much to the music world?  Sheryl Crow, Fleetwood Mac [with the wonderful Stevie Nicks] and Sarah McLachlan--where is their acknowledgement?  Millions of so-called "fans" claim to send them love.  But do they promote their music?
That's why Hummingbird is here--it's here for me to send my message to everyone out there about the musicians that matter to me.  The same applies to you.  You get to be here also--this is your site as much as it is mine.  Submit music reviews and tell me who matters to you in the music world.
Hummingbird is a one-man project, but it isn't at the same time--not when you're sending stories, articles and pictures.  And, ultimately, enhancing my music library, because the artists you tell me about I go and check out, either on the radio or iTunes or even buying their album.  Music is important to me, and it must be to you also--or you wouldn't be here in the paragraph.
Hummingbird is going to be great.
Cheers and Regards,
Matthew Keys
Web-editor, Hummingbird Online

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