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Special Thanks

Special Thanks
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What can you say to the people who have given you everything and asked nothing in return?  Sometimes, it doesn't feel like everything, but it really is something.
Thanks to Mrs. "J." Sherman, first of all.  Without those three years of journalism, I know I wouldn't have the skills in writing that I do now.  I went into your class three years ago, in 2001, knowing so much about writing--you taught me so much more.  I promise you it will all be put to good use.  Thanks for always being by my side, for sticking up for me when I didn't know how to stick up for myself, for showing me the way and never letting me get away with anything.  For setting limitations but at the same time for giving me my freedom.  To almost all of us, you're like a second mom. 
Thanks to "Keefers", better known as Juan Keefe, II.  Your undying dedication to our debate team shows your character.  You gave us rides to tourneys and never asked us for anything but our best.  You believed in us, even when nobody else did, and that ultimately led us to believing in ourselves.  The seven-or-so of us were a little small family.  And someday, maybe twenty years from now, we'll all have to reunite for one big party.  I sure hope I never lose contact with you!  We all miss you at Chapin and hope you'll come to visit us soon.
Thanks to Jacob for the picture on the archives page.  Your photography skills are found nowhere else, because they are true to life.
Thanks to John Mayer, Jamie Cullum, Howie Day, Michael Chaves, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette, Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, and everyone else who fills my day with such wonderful music.  I couldn't pull through my day without it.  My life would be boring without you guys.
Special thanks to Jackie, Lindsay, Kara, Robbie, Rudy, Danny [all of them], Michael [all of them], Emily, Angela and everyone else at LiveJournal and in the many communities I've been accepted into.  Without you guys, I would have nobody to talk to and I'm so blessed to have friends like you.
Very special thanks to Gregg, Ian, Katie, Stuart, Sara, Sarah, Jack [both of them] and everyone else at Chapin I either see everyday or think about constantly.  You guys fill my life with sunlight.
Extreme thanks to John Mayer--without you, this site wouldn't exist.  Your song "Hummingbird" did all of this.  Thanks.
And thanks to everyone else, for I'm sure I'm forgetting many more who deserve credit.  This site is for all of you, listed and unlisted.
Matthew Keys
Web-editor, Hummingbird Online

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