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Welcome to the home of Hummingbird Online!  Hummingbird features new, fresh and emerging music artists, as well as some that time may or may not have forgotten.
It's exciting to finally be online!  Help make Hummingbird your site--submit ultimate pictures, reviews of albums, and more.  Also, send feedback on what you think.  Welcome again!
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[Jamie Cullum]

Jamie Cullum is emerging as one a headliner.  At the age of 24, Jamie has produced one of very few top-selling jazz albums in the United Kingdom, and it only gets better.  Now, Jamie's trying to invade the United States music market, and doing a good job.  Our profiled artist:  Jamie Cullum

[Courtesy PBS/KCOS-TV]


Fleetwood Mac has re-emerged.  Their album, "Say You Will," hit the shelves in 2003 and made it's way into fan's hearts as the first studio release since the late 1980s.  Now, Fleetwood Mac is moving into reality TV--sort of.  Their documentary, "Destiny Rules," showed the making-of the studio release and they've recently made an appearance on the PBS series, "Soundstage".  Visit the Fleetwood Mac fansite and become a member!

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